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Our mission is to educate and inspire girls in primary, middle, and high school to become tech-savvy and confident. The projected growth for the technology field through 2040 is tremendous. Encouraging our girls to learn about technology will maximize equity, innovation and creativity.

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Workshops

  • Electricity, Electronics and Circuits

    Make Electricity + Tinker + Solder + Make Circuits + Create Art + Make fun Gadgets. Use super friendly electronics bits to make circuits and various gadgets using many sensors and motors. Use super friendly electronics bits to make circuits and various gadgets using many sensors and motors. Build an AM Radio and a moving vehicle that follows your command! Blend creativity with basic electronics, experiment, explore and create smart gadgets.

  • Computer Science

    Play with Arduino and other platforms used by engineers, artists, makers, hackers, and newbies. Learn to program (a simplified version of C++), learn to experiment with computer hardware. Play with electronic bits and build a huge variety of amazing and smart gadgets.

  • Robots

    Learn about Robotics while programming a real Robot with 20 sensors, 2 motors and 39 LEDS! Perfect platform for endless projects and creativity. Learn Visual programming language to program the Robot’s behavior, then moving to more advance programming. Follow a path, create a musical instrument, solve a puzzle, and draw with your Robot, design your own choreographed Robot, and make a video of your project!

  • Tech-Art

    Celebrate innovation and creation across the fields of Art and Technology with this signature Inspire-Tech workshop. Blend creativity with basic electronics to create illumined art. Learn to sew with electronics and make lanterns. Use simple circuits or program a micro-controller to create many fun works of art that use technology and inspire others to see technology in an entirely new light…literally!

  • Women and Technology

    Learn about the contributions of women in science and technology. Female students’ achievement in STEM is on par with their male peers, female students participate in high level mathematics and science courses at similar rates as their male peers, yet remain underrepresented in these fields of study at the collegiate and professional level. Inspire-Tech aims to empower female students throughout K-12 education, higher education, and into the workforce.

  • Animation

    Use visual programming language to create your own interactive stories, games and animation and share your work. Learn to think creatively and learn the fundamentals of coding.

  • Computers

    Learn about evolution of computers, semiconductors and more.

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