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Arduino for Beginners: Arduino is a great educational platform for hobbyist, artist, makers and technology enthusiasts. Arduino teaches you about computer science, electronics, how to build
computer hardware and how to program.

Discover the Universe of Robots: Thymio is a Robot that does not require assembly; it comes with many sensors and its fun to play with. Use it in its preprogram mode or learn to program it using either visual blocks or code to carry out numerous experiments.

Robots in Space: Build a LEGO Mindstorms Robot and learn to program it. Race your Robot, visit the moon, go through a maze and encounter an Alien.

Learn about Electricity and Circuits, make Squishy Circuits, learn to Solder

Illuminate your Creation/Art meets Science (Two different classes): 1) Bring your creativity, learn about circuits and make a Paper Circuit, blend creativity and basic electronics to create something that is immediately rewarding, it lights up! 2) Learn about circuits and build a Paper Lantern

Electricity and Circuits with LittleBits:Circuits are the building blocks of all technology, from cell phones to the space shuttle and everything in between. Use these super friendly electronics bits to make various gadgets using many sensors and motors. Explore, experiment and create smart gadgets.                   

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